Medical Health Sciences


The Medical Health Science Signature Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to investigate the competitive field of health care. The program enables students who are interested in pursuing a health care future to broaden their knowledge through enhanced curriculum and experience-based activities. As students progress through the Medical Health Science curriculum, learning experiences are designed to fit future interests, providing deeper understanding and preparation for pre-professional post-secondary programs.


General course information is listed below. Additional information can be found in the SMSD High School Program of Studies.

Exploring Medical Health Science Careers - This course is designed to develop an understanding of professions in health care-related fields. Students will investigate career options and corresponding educational requirements. Students explore the entire scope of health career opportunities and compare the demands of specific careers to individual personality traits and strengths. Students examine and practice skills related to professional success, including concepts of teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving, communication, and employability. Advances in the healthcare industry are also explored. Instruction includes presentations by healthcare professionals. This course is the introductory level course and is offered at all five SMSD high schools.

Medical Health Science 1 - Medical terminology, the language of health care providers, is the primary focus of Medical Science 1. Students will be immersed in language formation through development and application of technical skills, medical case studies, review articles and investigation of the impact of diseases and disorders on various body systems.

Medical Health Science 2 - In this capstone course of the Medical Science Signature Program, students participate in clinical observation within specialty areas related to post-secondary interests. Interaction with health care providers in diverse environments provide real-world, experienced-based learning opportunities. Daily experiences offer insight to specific job demands, necessary communication skills and professional protocol. Students will provide personal transportation to clinical sites. Through clinical experience, students will develop leadership skills, hone public speaking skills and develop a professional portfolio. Upon completion of the course students will be prepared for an entry-level position in one of several health care arenas including: Certified Nurse Aide, First Responder [with successful exam completion] or Animal Science [with successful internship completion].

Sports Medicine 1 - Provides students an overview of the specialized health care needed in the wide world of sports and physical activity. Students will learn what sports medicine is and the multidisciplinary approach to athletic health care. The course will continue development of body systems and response to injury in addition to the physical and mental demands of physical activity at all levels. The students will be introduced to such things as kinesiology, bleeding and shock, the bones and soft tissue, the foot, ankle, and lower leg, the knee, the hip and pelvis, the elbow, wrist, and hand, the shoulder, the chest and abdomen, the head and face, the spine, and lastly special considerations in athletes.

Sports Medicine 2 - Topics to be covered are the central training room, the athletic student-aid program, emergency preparedness, injury game plan, pre-participation physical exam, rehabilitation and preseason conditioning, nutrition and the athlete, dietary supplements, performance enhancers, sports psychology,
assessment and evaluation of sports injuries, therapeutic physical modalities, and proper taping and wrapping. This course allows students to collaborate with medical professional in the community pertaining to sports medicine.  These interactions are designed for students who have a serious interest in pursuing a career in the sports medicine field. District transportation is not provided for off-site clinical opportunities.

Sports Medicine 3 - The capstone course of the Sports Medicine strand provides students with
Professional Learning Experiences (PLE) to gain extensive knowledge of health/wellness professionals in private/public industry, community organizations, and health care settings, as well as job opportunities, wage,
and duties. Students will gain extensive knowledge in selected areas of health care, specific occupations, skills sets, educational requirements, credentials/licensure, and daily routines by participating in Job Shadows or Internships. This class includes instruction in specific skill sets related to health occupations, research on emerging trends, exploration of daily routines, understanding code of ethics, patient rights, standards and regulations, safety, and legal requirements. District transportation is not provided to off-site work experiences.

Certified Nursing Assistant - Prepares students to perform routine nursing-related services to patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities, under the training and supervision of an approved instructor. Successful course completion includes eligibility to take the state exam to obtain certification as a nurse aide in Kansas.

Contemporary Communications - Contemporary Communications provides students with a blended learning environment by which they explore fundamentals of effective communication in the 21st century while enrolled in Shawnee Mission Signature Program courses at the Center for Academic Achievement. Students develop and apply skills in personal communication including critical thinking, speaking, listening, and written communications linked to the signature programs of study of their interest (i.e. Professional Health studies). Students will participate in ongoing activities aligned to Kansas English Language Arts standards while enhancing content linked directly to the respective signature programs. A significant portion of the course is conducted via on-line assignments and communication.

Tentative Courses for the 2019-20 School Year:

Prevention & Treatment of Injuries


Prospective Students

Students interested in enrolling in the Medical Health Science Signature Program should complete and submit the Interest Request Form.  The Medical Health Science teacher will contact you. 


Name Role Phone
Frye, Dr. Andrew Contemporary Communications and ELA Writing & Research Teacher 913-993-6381
Gandy, Connie Med Sciences Instructor 913-993-6376
Jones, Roxanne Med Sciences - CNA Instructor 913-993-6381
Perez-Estrella, Zulma BioTech / Med Sciences 913-993-6384
Stalsberg, Kevin Med Sciences Instructor 913-993-6375