Meet The Staff


Culinary Arts 1 & 2
Restaurant Manager of Broadmoor Bistro 


Chef Justin Hoffman is a 15 year SMSD North alumni and former student of the Broadmoor Bistro. Through his efforts in the program, he garnered a number of scholarships and accolades through the Culinary Institute of America. Upon graduation, Chef Justin has acquired over 20 years experience within industry and education, as a member of the ACF.



Commercial Baking 1 & 2
Broadmoor Bakery & Urban Farm Manager

Chef Bob Brassard is a 30 year industry Veteran, that focuses on exceptional industry instructions for all varieties of students. Chef Bob will be telling you stories. He is certified as an Executive Chef through the ACF and has been recognized for a number of national accolades in sustainability, hospitality, and culinary arts.




Catering & Event Management 
Dining Room Supervisor 

Chef Steve Venne has over 20 years of experience in professional kitchens, working up the ranks to Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director while gaining experience in hotels, conference centers, country clubs, and resorts in several states and the Caribbean. The last 13 years have been spent as a Culinary Educator, sharing those experiences with the next generations of hospitality industry professionals.  





Signature Program Assistant

Mary Hedrick is a 12 year employee of the District.  She has been an Assistant in the Signature Program and Career & Technical Education Departments the past 6 years.  Her role in Culinary Arts is assisting the Chefs with the day to day operation of the BISTRO.  Mary loves the opportunity to meet new students in the Program and watch their skills grow from year to year.