Animation and Interactive Media

 In the Animation and Interactive Media Signature Program, the students use state-of-   the-art software and equipment as they learn 21st-century multimedia skills in   animation, motion graphics, and game design. The courses in this program include   Game Design and Development, 2D Animation, and 3D Modeling. 

 In the Game Design and Development course, students will receive hands-on   experience creating and modifying their own 2D and 3D video games. Using their   creativity and problem-solving skills, students will learn to design, develop, test, and   debug video games for the computer, internet, and mobile devices.

2D Animation courses emphasize the development of visual creativity expressed through drawing and storytelling with the aid of technology. Students will develop digitally generated 2D animations using industry-standard graphics software and hardware. Students will study character and story development, principles of animation, control, and movement management through frame-by-frame animation, tweening, scripting languages, sound creation, and editing techniques. 

3D Modeling is a series of courses that introduces students to the tools and skills needed to create cutting-edge three-dimensional digital animations. Students will model objects and characters, create realistic textures, and motion graphics, and use sound and advanced animation techniques to create visual stories. Students will learn advanced lighting, camera work, character rigging, sound creation, special effects, and rendering techniques.

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